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Revenue or Relationships? Win Both outlines how automation has changed business to return it to what it always was about: relationships and people. We sometimes forget that the key ingredient to business success is strong relationships with customers and employees. This book outlines how to achieve this in your vision/mission statement, your brand, your operations or action plan (combined with the brand becomes the customer experience), and your company community. How a customer experiences your business creates a relationship with him or her. This is why customer experience is becoming such a hot topic today.

In our drive for business success we rush to get revenue. But revenue is only one outcome from relationships. There are others, including engagement, loyalty, accountability, brand & rereputation, and PR metrics. The problem is that we rarely consider such measurements to indicate success. And by ignoring them, we don't focus on tthem in our business. Imagine if we did.


After reading this book, you can learn how to shift your mindset to develop not just better customer experiences, but better customer relationships, in your business.

Revenue or Relationships? Win Both
Released onOctober 20, 2019
The New Vision for Business Centered on Customer Experience
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This is the new vision of business where customer experience IS your business, your business community includes employeess and customerrss, and your main business output is relationship.

And one of the relationship outputs is revenue.

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