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I think about ways you can build better customer relationships. 


I share these thoughts in my new book, Revenue or Reationships? Win Both.


You can also find my thoughts about this in the usual places, like the Gearmark blog, in articles I’ve written, and some talks and published  courses


Some people choose to work with me through Gearmark too!

Mary Brodie

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Oct 2019


To create engaging customer experiences, you need to shift your perspective of business. The basics of business hasn’t changed. You still need a vision, a mission, a brand, an operations and action plan, and a way to measure success. But how you view your customers and inspire them to make decisions has changed with automation. Today, companies and their employees can directly interact with customers, creating a type of community. Add to that the emergence of more people-driven work methodologies, and you can see how successful business relationships are emerging to be as important as transactions in how they impact the bottom line.


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